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Your website visitors love archaeology right?  Well now there is an easy way for you to provide them with links to the latest archaeology news directly on your site. You can easily display the latest archaeology news from our site on your site by adding our Widget. When Past Horizons News is updated, the most recent news will automatically displayed on your site. To get started, follow the steps below to customize your Widget

1. Copy and paste the code to your site.

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The web is all about sharing; if you find an article interesting, then please share it with others! To the right and beneath each article in the ‘Share’ section you will find handy links to submit the story to social sites such as Facebook,  Twitter, Reddit or anywhere you feel. This simple action could lead people to an article that you found interesting.  So share what’s important for you!  A big thanks in advance!

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Finally, a good way to help us is to tell us how to improve! What would make us a better website in your opinion? Contact us and tell us what you think! We are always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Think of a new way to let people know about Past Horizons and we will listen.    Be sure to tell us about it!

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If you feel you have a story you need to share and it meets the high standards of the Past Horizons  editors, then why not provide us with an article.  You can be assured that any article that is accepted is going to be seen by thousands of interested readers across the world.   In addition you will be added to our list of contributors and authors that help make Past Horizons one of the leading online archaeology magazines. We can’t promise that it will be used, but it may help to follow the guidelines: Start with a 2-300 word pitch that explains clearly what the story/article is about and include a small image that helps us understand the piece.  If we think that there is potential (or not) we will be in touch and then; We require 1500 – 2000 ( which allows us space for editing)  and around 7 illustrative images in jpg format that can be used publicly ( you must have permissions or copyright for images or we cannot use them).   captions are required for each image including credits. References would be useful (with hyperlinks), to allow people to follow further lines of research.    This can be articles, journals, books or websites. We will also need a small Author image and a biography.   Similar to what you will see here: You can include Twitter or facebook link if you want   and any website that relates to you ( so people can get in touch with you) We look forward to your article, Contact us and tell us your news!

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