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The Shieling Project: Learning from the past in the Scottish Highlands

Project directors sitting outside a shieling hut reconstruction. Image: The Shieling Project

The Shieling Project is a social enterprise working with teachers and young people to explore the natural and cultural heritage of shieling life and its significance today. Each summer, young people all over Scotland would play an integral role in taking the livestock up to hill or moorland pastures, camping there in small huts/bothies, learning about the world beyond the village.

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Discovering Derventio: Beyond the Fort

Volunteer Mick Fairfield with one of the heads at the bridge site. Image: Grampus Heritage

In 2009, terrible flooding hit the county of Cumbria in northwest England, causing extensive damage. As the flood water flowed through Cockermouth, it cut a channel in Broomlands field on the outskirts of the town. When the water level began to subside, local people reported finding fragments of worked stone and Roman pottery.