Timeless Travels Issue 2


Winter 2014 (Issue 2)
In the winter issue Timeless Travels takes you to Peru, Egypt, Greece, India, Italy, China, Madrid, Mexico and Turkey. You can explore the unexpected treasures of Ani, in Eastern Turkey or follow in the footprints of the mighty Persian ruler, Xerxes in Greece today.  Take a trip to the Dakhla Oasis in western desert in Egypt or take a look at how the buildings and their gardens bring the Mughal architecture of Shah Jahan to life in India.  There is the second in the series of Maya architecture, this issue looking at the Puuc style and continuing our weekend series, there is a focus on Madrid.

There is the latest roundup of art and archaeological news and an interview is with Lord Carnarvon, who talks of the incredible legacy of his great grandfather, the 5th Earl, who together with Howard Carter, discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb.  For art lovers in this issue there is a focus on Caravaggio, the only Baroque painter with a criminal record, and a report by Jo James on thankga paintings found in the Tibetan monasteries in a remote corner of China, and amazing pictures of Florence in 1966 when it was devastated by a flood, and many art works were destroyed.

Also an article in this issue by explorer and archaeologist Gary Ziegler on Choquequirao, the sister site to Machu Picchu. National Geographic Traveller has just named Choquequirao as one of the top sites to visit in the Americas.  Little known to most travellers, it receives only hundreds of visitors in a season, rather than the thousands that visit Machu Picchu daily.  Read all about this amazing site by the man who has already been visiting for over twenty years.

Another packed edition of 130 pages, filled with gorgeous photographs, again it is fully interactive.  Happy reading!

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