Archaeo News Podcast 238


Archaeo News Podcast 238

1st November 2013

In collaboration with Stonepages, British Archaeological Jobs Resource and Past Horizons


Linguist reconstructs sounds of prehistoric language
Excavations at the capital of a Bronze Age Canaanite kingdom
Ancient Chinese wrote with brushes
Jersey, home of the last Neanderthals?
Archaeologists to restore dolmen In Cornwall
Skull find rebuts multiple human species idea
Neanderthals roamed with elk, bison east of Berlin
Denisovans may have occupied Australia
Bronze Age obsidian sources in Syria
Frogs’ legs: an English delicacy since 8000 BCE
Women left their handprints on ancient cave walls

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Speaker: David Connolly (BAJR)
Audio file mastering: Dave Horrocks (Infinite Wave)
News collection : Diego Meozzi (Stonepages)

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