Archaeo News Podcast 249


Archaeo News Podcast 249

20th August 2014

In collaboration with Stonepages, British Archaeological Jobs Resource and Past Horizons


Citizen archaeologists help rediscover British Bronze Age
Technology boom 50,000 years ago correlated with less testosterone
Ancient fragment of ivory is missing piece of animal figurine
Schoolboy finds evidence of ancient conflict in Wales
Spain tests limited visits to Altamira cave
Earlier Stone Age artefacts found in South Africa
Romanian cave holds some of oldest human footprints
Ancient astronomy in northern Peru
Road improvements lead to finds in Philadelphia
Prehistoric henge found in Austria
Early Clovis hunting ground discovered in Mexico

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Speaker: David Connolly (BAJR)
Audio file mastering: Dave Horrocks (Infinite Wave)
News collection : Diego Meozzi (Stonepages)

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