Archaeo News Podcast 195

Archaeo News Podcast 195

08 August 2011 19:14

In collaboration with British Archaeological Jobs Resource


The first Mesolithic open-air cemetery found in England
Major Bronze Age city-state unearthed in Jordan
Ancient child burial site found in Siberia
Populations intermixed well after migration out of Africa
Stone Age relics may be hidden in Scotland’s seas
Prehistoric Indian relics discovered during oil spill clean-up
Ethiopian lake sediments reveal history of African droughts
Dig starts at Bronze Age roundhouse on Dartmoor
5,000-year-old skeleton unearthed in Northern Italy
Tracing back the history of human evolution at Mungo
25,000-year-old bones discovered in Colorado
Ancient human remains found at broch site
British schoolboy discovers 4,000-year-old arrowhead
Dancing shaman carved on ancient Japanese pottery

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Archaeo News Podcast 195

Speaker: David Connolly (BAJR)
Audio file mastering: Dave Horrocks (Infinite Wave)
Text editing for the podcast: Debbi Berger-Manich

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